Same Sex Relationships

Same Sex Relationships

Same Sex Relationships

Protecting the Rights of Same-Sex Couples in Plano and Dallas, Texas

When a same-sex relationship ends between a couple, the parties often face some of the same issues as a husband and wife may face when going through a divorce, including child custody, possession and access disputes and dividing property. Whether you are facing a property division or need assistance in obtaining a possession schedule in the best interest of the child, our firm is dedicated to establishing options that will benefit you and your family.

At the Law Office of Alma R. Benavides, located in Plano, Texas, we have extensive experience handling family law cases and ensuring our clients are involved throughout the legal process. We will carefully work with you to obtain your goals and protect your parental rights. If you are in a same-sex relationship and have questions about what your legal options are if that relationship ends, we can help ease your concerns so you can make informed decisions for your family.

For sound legal advice and dedicated representation, contact the Law Office of Alma R. Benavides today.

Wherever You Are, Whatever Your Situation

Experienced attorney, Alma R. Benavides, offers practical, effective solutions for many of the problems that are unique due to domestic partnership status in Texas.

  • Property division

  • Child custody and support

  • Adoption

  • Cohabitation agreements

  • Collaborative law process

  • Parental alienation

Our firm will work with you to protect your interests through the collaborative law process, litigation or mediation and careful negotiation. We will aggressively advocate for you and represent your needs in or outside of court. After carefully listening to your issue, Alma R. Benavides, an experienced family law attorney, will work to determine realistic goals in a cost-effective manner.

Honest and Effective Legal Representation

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