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Family Law

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There are a number of reasons why a marriage may end in divorce. Regardless of the reason, if a decision has been reached that you and your spouse will no longer live together, you should consult with a family law attorney to discuss what legal rights you have to protect yourself and your children.

The Law Office of Alma R. Benavides is a dedicated family law firm that educates clients about the legal process from the beginning to the end including: filing an Original Petition for Divorce, obtaining temporary relief, determining what is community property and what is separate property, identifying the value of assets and liabilities, mediating and finalizing your divorce. Contact the Law Office of Alma R. Benavides if you have any questions about filing for divorce.

Helping You Answer All of Your Divorce Questions

Alma R. Benavides has been assisting clients with their divorce and the related issues that arise when filing for divorce.

Some of the areas include:

  • Child custody: determining a possession and access schedule for the children in their best interest, while maintaining contact with both parents

  • Child support: determining guideline support and whether circumstances warrant above guideline support

  • Property characterization: establishing what property is community or separate

  • Property division: reaching a fair and equitable division of the community estate

  • Spousal support (also known as spousal maintenance or alimony) — what factors are considered in determining maintenance and how long will it last

  • Collaborative law process: husband and wife are each represented by attorneys trained in interest-based collaborative negotiation, focusing on communication and collaborative advocacy

Our firm is aggressive in protecting your interests and obtaining positive resolutions for you. We work hard to protect your parental and spousal rights, whether we are litigating, mediating or in collaborative law. Our primary goal is protecting our clients’ rights while keeping our clients informed throughout the process.

Not only does Plano divorce attorney Alma R. Benavides educate clients about the divorce process so they can make informed decisions for their families but she protects her clients’ legal rights in the courtroom or through out-of court alternatives including collaborative divorce or divorce mediation.

We focus on obtaining fair resolutions for your divorce. Attorney Alma R. Benavides will work closely with you to determine your goals in a divorce without children or a divorce with children and making sure child support is established and child custody issues are resolved. Working together and being fully informed can build a strong case that will protect your future and your best interests.

Contact a Texas Lawyer Dedicated to Your Case

To schedule an initial consultation at the Law Office of Alma R. Benavides, contact our office today by calling (972) 578-2600 (locally) . We are committed to helping you achieve your family legal goals through prenuptial agreements, divorce proceedings or post-divorce modification or enforcement requests.

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